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Moonwalker Kush
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Moonwalker Kush


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Buy moonwalker Kush online is a hybrid with a balanced taste and well-rounded effects, making. It a great middle-of-the-road strain for cannabis novices and veterans alike. Although its effects lean toward the lazy indica end of the spectrum. It can also provide creativity and motivation under the right circumstances.  Buy wax online berlin cheap weed for sale potsdam how to buy weed in UK smartbud tins for sale NY Kurupt Moon Rock

This strain is a cross between 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup winner Triple OG (aka XXX OG) and.  Alien Genetics’ signature hybrid Tahoe Alien.   The flowers maintain a dense and heavy indica bud structure. With tightly packed leaves and trichomes inside and out. Leaves are an earthy shade of olive green. Offset by rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils, intended to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Buy moonwalker kush online buy wax online berlin cheap weed for sale potsdam how to buy weed in UK smart bud tins for sale NY

This strain is a large-yielding Indica variety with a heavy narcotic effect. Scent and taste of pungent lemon fuel kush. Grows small and squat. Excellent for treating stress, pain, insomnia, depression and lack of appetite. Potential THC level high. 80% Indica. Buy Dankwood Online 
In order to create one of the best kush varieties around, we decided to use our male Blue Medi Kush #04 for its reliability and vigour, as well as potency and mould resistance.


We found the strongest Kush clone around and acquired the famous Skywalker O.G. from the States. The aim of this cross was to create a hybrid that would deliver sturdy, tough plants for indoor growing, combined with the elite power of the much loved Skywalker O.G.. We grew out the clone (Ron’s Cut) over and over again until we were totally in love with it, we then hit this clone with pollen from the Blue Medi Kush #04 and the result is a super kush hybrid. From this point we started the continuous process of selfing this hybrid, to provide us with Moon Walker Kush seeds that improve every cycle. Buy Weed Legally Online

We managed to create a sticky knockout kush strain which smells as pungent as lemons with petrol poured over them. Moon Walker Kush is Indica dominant, so you can expect short and stocky plants that yield much more than other commercially available kushes. We focused on producing a big yielder that really packs a punch and we certainly succeeded. Buy Runtz Online 

Moon Walker Kush takes 9 weeks in total to flower, a week longer than her father, the Blue Medi Kush. The leaves grow short and wide with a metallic glow, expressing real Californian Kush traits with a smell that is so pungent that extra care must be taken with carbon filters. This strain grows to around 80-90 cm in height, making it excellent for S.O.G. and SCROG grows. This strain produces pungent, tight kush nugs at every node. Spliff Moon Walker Kush grows one main cola with strong side branches that need to be supported later on to support the large yields. .
The smell of this strain is a dank lemon with a true kush taste which sits on the palate after inhaling. Kush lovers will recognise the Cali Kush in the buds they smoke, as well as the instant high which starts off in the mind and relaxes into a calming body stone. The high can last for several hours and over time can be very narcotic. One for the night time, as Moon Walker Kush is so high in THC, it can make you feel like a jedi in your own home!


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